medicom - medical communication

One of the key characteristics is good knowledge of the client and its field. As far as health issues are concerned, we can be proud of our roots: the founders of the company Simmo Saar and Eike Kingsepp have a strong health communication background — Saar worked for three years as the Head of Communication in the Estonian Health Board. Eike Kingsepp has a 13-year career in large pharmaceutical companies such as Eli Lilly and Bayer, 2 years in the Estonian Health Board. Therefore, Valiant is able to offer good solutions to pharmaceutical companies and other organisations in the healthcare system — we understand medical terms and sector-specific legislation, and we know the target and stakeholder groups of such companies.

You can be sure that we distinguish between bacteria and viruses, and we know what stages medicines and vaccines go through on their way to the market. At the same time we can talk in simple language to explain difficult topics.